Our Legendary Team

We are absolutely dedicated to the art and science of winemaking. That dedication is exemplified in our two world-class winemakers, Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky. Philippe, a creator of multiple 100-point wines, was named by The Wine Advocate as “One of the Top Ten Winemakers in the World.” He has made wines at Château Pétrus, Château Haut-Brion, and Dominus, with 20 years in Napa, making such titans as Dana Estates and Vineyard 29, among others. 

Philippe’s partner, Maayan Koschitzky, was recently named one of Wine Enthusiast’s “40 Under 40.” He has also created multiple 100-point wines practicing his craft at Screaming Eagle, Dalla Valle, Lail Vineyards, and other legendary Napa wineries. 

While Philippe and Maayan come from traditional roots, they are scientists as well. Using state-of-the-art equipment, custom made for our winemaking profile, they painstakingly handcraft our wines with meticulous measurement, controlling every aspect of the process with space age precision.  Their winemaking is a delicate dance: intervening as little as possible from what nature has created in a particular year yet directing and coaxing the wine based on decades of wisdom.

The Unique Pairing

The Unique Pairing

We grow Pinot Noir, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Grenache on our unique thirty-three-acre estate on the northern edge of the Sonoma Valley. After transforming the estate into an Organic and Biodynamic haven, we were determined to partner with a world-class winemaking team whose passion and vision matched our own.  

"In Bordeaux, there is a saying that you aren't ready to make Pinot Noir until you are 50. So, I'm finally ready." - Philippe Melka, when asked about his partnership with Westwood.

Meanwhile, Philippe and Maayan, legendary for their Cabernet-driven wines from Bordeaux and Napa, wanted to work with the best wineries and vineyards in the world, pushing their boundaries beyond Napa and Cabernet Sauvignon. It was an immediate marriage.

“Westwood has already been gaining great acclaim and attention for the award-winning wines crafted from this unique and unexpected gem of a vineyard. Looking ahead, we’re excited to unlock the soul of this special site and take the wines even higher.” - Philippe Melka

The Results

The Results

As a team, we have taken the wines even higher. The cleanest Organic and Biodynamic fruit, coupled with the best technology and artisanship, practiced by some of the world’s best winemakers – makes us the best winery you are about to hear about!

Within only a few years since our push to make our own wines, Westwood has been graced by more than a dozen 90+ ratings, multiple 95+ ratings, as well as a “Top 1% in the World” wine on Vivino. If you are looking for wines that are unmistakably Californian, undeniably as unique as the land they come from, and absolutely unforgettable, then you may have just found your new favorite winery. Let us introduce you to our portfolio of unforgettable wines.

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