Sustainability is in Our Soil and in Our Soul

We have long been concerned with the pressures of commercial farming on the earth. In 2015, we vowed our wines would only come from sources that were Sustainable, Biodynamic, or Organically farmed.

Our mission was not something many in Napa were willing or able to commit to. It’s hard work, labor intensive and expensive. It paid off. We are proud to be a California Certified Organic Farmer and one of only a handful that are Demeter Certified in the USA.

Dedication to the Land

Our unyielding dedication to the land, and the people we work with, has resulted in an exceptional collection that delivers authentic, expressive and textured wines, crafted by world-class winemakers, year after year.

Wines that are approachable and enjoyable on any occasion. Wine you can feel good about. Wine with a soul.


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Westwood Wine at Brasswood Village

Brasswood Village is a warm and welcoming space where everyone can relax, have fun, and unwind while enjoying Westwood’s expressive wines.

Join us on a wine-tasting adventure at an unforgettable venue. Choose from three private tasting experiences, hosted by our Estate Director and Sommelier. We offer flights featuring a selection of our latest releases.  Along the way learn about our biodynamic and organic farming practices and how they help us craft elegant, textured, and expressive wines.

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We are absolutely dedicated to the art and science of winemaking. Expressive, elegant, and textured, our wines are unmistakably California, but are crafted for those who appreciate an elevated experience.

That dedication is exemplified in our two world-class winemakers, Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky. While Philippe and Maayan come from traditional roots, they are scientists as well. Using state-of-the-art equipment, custom-made for our winemaking profile, they painstakingly handcraft our wines with meticulous measurement, controlling every aspect of the process with space-age precision. Their winemaking is a delicate dance: intervening as little as possible from what nature has created in a particular year yet directing and coaxing the wine based on decades of wisdom.

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Westwood Wine at Brasswood Village
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