Westwood Estate Wine is driven by a vision.

Beginning with the cleanest organic and sustainably farmed grapes coupled with the best winemakers in the world, wielding the best equipment available, our wines are meant to elevate the important moments in your life. Expressive, elegant, and textured, our wines are unmistakably California, but are crafted for those who appreciate an elevated experience. Reflecting two decades of work and planning, Westwood’s voice is decidedly unique - as unique as our 33 acres in Annadel Gap, Sonoma.

At a young age, founder Carl Stanton was driven by challenges. Carl came from a career military family–mom and dad met in the base mess hall in between the Korean and Vietnam wars. Carl learned the value of work, integrity, and partnership. Over the next 30 years, he developed a career running and investing in small businesses. Serendipity struck in 1998 when Carl and his friends created the beginnings of Westwood and founded the Annadel Gap Vineyard. For the next dozen years, the team planted and replanted, slowly finding the voice of the vineyard, that sweet spot of varietals farming and winemaking.

Carl met David Green in 2010. Dave had built his career along a windy path through hospitality and every facet of the wine industry. Dave has developed and led some of the most iconic and pedigreed brands in the California wine industry. In 2005 he and Westwood's winemaker Philippe Melka launched Dana Estate together, marking their premier release with a perfect 100 point score from Robert Parker. Dave was drawn to the idea of creating world-class wines from the Annadel Gap Vineyard after being introduced to Carl. He brightened to the challenge and was impressed by Carl's fervent determination and commitment.

Dedication To The Land

Dedication To The Land

The partners have long been concerned with the pressures of commercial farming on the earth. Monocultures, commercial fertilizers, high-volume pressures fad taken their toll on too many beautiful farms. After studying the most celebrated properties in Burgundy and Bordeaux, and eager to make world-class wines that come from such properties, the partners quickly agreed that Organic (and Biodynamic) would be central hallmarks of their winemaking. The company vowed in 2015 that the large majority of Westwood wines would only come from sources that were Sustainable, Biodynamic, or Organically farmed. And in 2016, Westwood’s Annadel Gap Vineyard became fully Demeter certified Biodynamic and certified Organic.

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The Team Finds A Maestro

The Team Finds A Maestro

Westwood formally teamed up with Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky of Atelier Melka, in 2017. World-renowned winemakers and producers of many “100-point” wines. Philippe Melka was born, educated, and trained in Bordeaux. Named by the Wine Advocate as “one of the Top 10 Winemakers in the World,” Phillipe and Maayan have countless opportunities to work with the best vineyards in the world.

One one particular fog-filled afternoon in the vineyard, Philippe exclaimed:

“We want to unlock the soul of this Vineyard with you.”

That statement has formed the basis of our project ever since.

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