Annadel Gap is a one-of-a-kind place.

“The first time I saw what became Annadel Gap Vineyard, I knew it was a treasure. Climbing to the highest nearby hilltop, at the time, I could only see the dense fog surrounding the mountains. But as I sat there for hours, the sun rose overhead and revealed the most beautiful valley I had seen, raw and fertile, and somehow ageless.” – Carl Stanton, Proprietor.

There is no other place like this in California. We are a cold, windy site, and our vines struggle to ripen their fruit. We have morning fog until well past noon, and strong Pacific winds all afternoon, four different soil types reflecting the ancient seabed, upturned by eons of volcanic activity. It all comes together in one of the most unique grape-growing spots on the West Coast.

Wind and Fog

Similar to Petaluma Gap to our south, Annadel is a gap between Sonoma Mountain and Mount Hood, allowing cool Pacific winds and fog to roll in most mornings and evenings.

The wind has two main benefits:

  • It causes lower yields and thicker skins on the grapes. That means our grapes naturally have more intense flavors, and skins that give soft tannins and structure. Balance happens by letting nature take its path and allows a minimalist approach in the cellar.
  • The wind also keeps mildew (botrytis) at bay, allowing us to farm organically and biodynamically more easily.

The fog is cooling. Allowing grapes to cool down overnight makes for slower ripening and the 40-50 degree temperature variations help enrich flavors while maintaining the acidity that gives them great structure and balance.

Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma Valley Sun

We sit at the northern tip of the Sonoma Valley, one of the best grape-growing regions in the world. A climate dominated by fog and cool temperatures will struggle to bring grapes to fully ripen. It is the balance of Sonoma Valley’s warm sunny days with the cool, foggy evenings that gives our unique 33 acres just the right amount of both.

Our soil is special.

We are blessed with a unique soil composition for this region. Even though we are designated in the Sonoma Valley AVA, our soil is similar to that of the famed Gold Ridge soils found throughout the Russian River Valley. Our four primary soil types are Yolo Silt Loam, Manzanita Gravelly Silt Loam, Arbuckle Gravelly Loam, and Yorkville Clay Loam.

Wines reflect nature so we farm biodynamically.

Wines reflect nature so we farm biodynamically.

We have always honored the land, and thoughtfully farm to preserve its authenticity. In 2014 we were awarded Biodynamic certification by the governing body, Demeter. We believe biodynamic practices not only enhance the health of the land but also allow us to create wines that are pure expressions of their home. Learn more about our Biodynamic, Organic, and sustainable grape-growing.

In the end, it’s about the wine.

We wanted to make world-class Rhône and Burgundian wines, so we chose the Annadel Gap Vineyard as our home. Today we have 23 acres under vine and because of our unique climate and diverse soil composition, we are able to biodynamically farm nine different varietals, and some very specific clones of Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Grenache. Learn more about our wines here.

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