A Certified Biodynamic and Organic Vineyard. Sustainability is at the core of our soil and our soul.

Every wine we make begins with Biodynamic, Organic, and Sustainable fruit. Sustaining the land, animals, and the team that makes our wine possible is the foundation of our culture. It’s the “How” to the question of “How we make Unforgettable Wines.” You see it in the way we treat each other, our supplier-partners, our fellow farmer-winemakers, and our community. And you see it in the way we treat our lands.

We believe these farming practices not only enhance the health of the land but also allow us to create natural wines that are pure expressions of their home. Wines of character come from soils with healthy biomes that form a balanced ecosystem with the vine and nourish it with flavors most natural to the vineyard.

Our mission to create unforgettable wines begins right here on our home vineyard, the Annadel Gap Vineyard. An unexpected gem of a vineyard on the northern edge of the Sonoma Valley that we discovered over twenty years ago. And we have a very special place in the Sonoma Valley’s Annadel Gap – thirty-three unique acres. 

We farm Biodynamically and Organically.

We farm Biodynamically and Organically.

After a painstaking multi-year process, we were awarded Demeter Biodynamic certification in 2016 and CCOF Organic certification in 2017. Every grape grown on our Annadel Gap Estate is certified Demeter Biodynamic and CCOF Organic – carefully tended with the most eco-responsible methods available. 

Biodynamics is the highest level of organic farming – Organic squared! Developed in the 1920s by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Biodynamics treats the vineyard as a single living organism. Eliminating synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is the beginning, but Biodynamics goes further, encouraging extreme biodiversity, a closed nutrient system, the use of natural “teas” and a personal connection to the land. In harmony with the lunar cycle, Steiner believed this discipline results in a self-sustaining cycle of living and higher energy to the fruit.

Since our transition to Biodynamics, our vines have become stronger, more disease-resistant, and the roots have deepened dramatically – now requiring virtually no irrigation. Our vineyard is healthy and balanced, and wildlife – jackrabbits and toads especially – are super-abundant. And we swear, you can sense the higher energy in the place and the wines! 

Today, we are one of a handful of Demeter-certified Biodynamic vineyards in North America. Why don’t more people do it? It’s expensive. Between the physical workload and lower yields from the vines, costs can be 50%-100% greater than with conventional farming. However, it is catching on fast! Virtually all Grand Cru Burgundy producers farm Biodynamically and are being closely followed by the top-tier producers in Bordeaux and around the world. 

Cared for by a Biodynamic legend.

Cared for by a Biodynamic legend.

Philippe Coderey is a legend in the natural, Organic, and Biodynamic viticulture field. Philippe serves as our Biodynamic Vineyard Consultant, leading the viticulture team to implement the Biodynamic and Organic practices across the whole vineyard. Philippe’s last name comes from the French verb, “couderer,” which means to cultivate vineyards. He grew up on vineyards in Provençe, learning traditional and natural viticultural techniques from elders. He puts all of his passion and knowledge to work in our vineyards.

We are partners with our land.

We believe we are stewards of the land. It’s only ours for a little while, and then it is someone else’s honor to tend to it. We are pesticide-free and herbicide-free. We follow the cycles of nature (check out our calendar below), sowing cover crops to protect the soil and attract beneficial bugs. Our hand-crafted wines begin right here in the vineyard, with our hand-made, nutrient-dense Biodynamic sprays and organic composts, all applied by hand.

Our rewards are many.

Our rewards are many.

We are rewarded with prospering vines and a variety of wildlife calling our estate their home. We are rewarded by the health of labor and the richness of being close to the earth. And we are rewarded with grapes that make opulent, distinctive, and unforgettable wines.

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