Since the Annadel Gap Vineyard’s inception, we have embraced the widely used philosophy of terroir. The foundation of the word is of Latin origin, yet as the term is French, terre, literally means soil and everything that comes with the soil and how it was constituted over time, including climate, geological foundation and the natural biodiversity found within.

Our goal since first planting in 2002 was to preserve the authenticity of the site. We have adopted organic and biodynamic™ viticulture practices, including low-impact, sustainable, ecosystem-friendly farming at our Estate vineyard. In our perspective, the most important thing is not higher yields, but rather bio-diversity of site and soil and the quality of vines.

At its most basic, the biodynamic™ approach to grape-growing sees the vineyard as an ecological whole, an organism in its own right, and the other flora and fauna in the area, growing together interdependently.

The focus and attention of our winegrowing team, ensures the preservation and stewardship of our vineyard site.