Our Story.

In 2001, Carl Stanton, the Founding Partner, along with a few friends, happened upon the site that is now Westwood Estates. With a mission to find a vineyard to grow extraordinary Rhone & Burgundian varietals, they lucked upon this unique site, in the northernmost end of Sonoma Valley. The dream is now a reality, with 23 acres under vine at the Annadel Gap Vineyard, cared for by a world-class team producing wines that have gained recognition as true expressions of the vineyard.

“What makes our team and partnership at Westwood different? It's the way we treat our family - our partners and our patrons. It's the joy that we share in our love of the land and the wine. It's the passion we have for wine, and the way it brings us all together. And it's our resolve to grow and make the absolute best wine. That’s Westwood.”
Carl Stanton
Managing & Founding Partner