Thanks Chris Sawyer

Last night I showed off the Westwood wines as a "celebrity bartender" with Eddie at Carneros Bistro at The Lodge in Sonoma. We were invited by sommelier Chris Sawyer – google the guy – he gets around.

Sometimes these events could go better – where's the love, people? – but happy to say the gig at Carneros Bistro last night was the anything but business as usual. I wish they all went this well! The venue was laid-back and well prepared, the staff were helpful and friendly, and the event was well-attended – both by hotel and restaurant guests, as well as many of Chris's devoted local fans.

The wines were well-received and we met some great people – I've already had follow-up sales today and a Wine Club signup (always a nice way to kick off the work day). Perhaps the best thing about the event was getting to know Chris Sawyer better. I just met the guy for the first time a couple of weeks ago, but I feel like I have found a fellow traveller.


At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John -

It was great meeting you at Carneros Bistro, and I really enjoyed the conversation while we tasted your marvelous wines. We're now back safely in Austin (albeit a bit later than expected thanks to weather fouling our connection in Vegas) and looking forward to our wine catching up with us when the shipment arrives. We're looking forward to sharing the redFOUR with friends, and maybe opening one of the pinots on Mother's day or an upcoming birthday, but the rest are going for nice lay down in the wine cabinet for a while; going to be exciting to see what develops. Thanks again!

Doug Wolf

At 9:31 AM, Blogger John M. Kelly said...

Doug, it was my pleasure to meet you and Carla as well. I will give you a heads-up next time I am in Austin for an event, and I hope you guys will look us up again next time you are in Sonoma!


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