Some Rain

We're finally getting some rain, and not a moment too soon. A couple of weeks ago I posted that the persistent high pressure that had been keeping us dry and warm was breaking down. We were promised a good storm five days ago which ended up being a bust – we got about a tenth of an inch out of it here, though the accumulation was more substantial in Monterey and points south.

The next storm dropped about an inch of rain Thursday and Friday. Another storm raced through today – not much accumulation here (once again, the focus was to the south), but we expect more rain overnight as the back side of the trough swings through. The good news is that the forecast is for a new front to pass every two or three days for the forseeable future, with the possibility of a strong storm over Presidents' day weekend.

We need it – mandatory rationing is being discussed by regulators earlier this year than anyone can remember, and know-nothings and other folks with questionable agendas are already scapegoating agriculture in general – and vineyards in particular – for "using too much water." Since I started keeping records, average annual rainfall here in my area has been about 32 inches. We just passed 7 inches for this season.

I'm not complaining – just concerned. Today I spare a thought and a prayer for our compatriots in South Australia, where a persistent killer heat wave has spawned the most fatal and damaging brushfires in memory. Reminds me of the heat spell and fires here this past summer. Doubled.


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