Putting It Out There!

I'm spending more time filling wine orders these days. This is a good thing! I just recently started shipping wine to New York. The first order shipped today in fact.

I'm working with Brian DiMarco at Barterhouse, a very specialized distributor with a high quality book. Ours is one of just three California brands represented. I'm really excited for Westwood to be there.

Also this week Westwood started showing up in the State of Pennsylvania's Premium Selection Stores. Buyer Steve Pollack really likes the wines and has a great plan to build our brand.

Over the last couple of months I was happy to get some wines sold in Arizona through Integris Wine Partners, our distributor there, before it got too hot. That is one market that definitely switches to colder beverages in the Summer.

Springboard Wine Company has been doing a fabulous job for us here in Northern California, as well as working hard to hook us up with quality representation in other regions. I'm proud to be one of their select clientele, as well as a supplier.

Now it is time for me to start booking plane tickets. I need to go visit and help our partners in Southern California, Texas and Washington to get things moving again.


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